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CostQuest Licensing

Ensuring everyone in America has access to high-speed Internet service and the skills to use it is a critical mission that requires innovative solutions and collaborative efforts. The NTIA Fabric License, developed through a partnership between CostQuest and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) serves as a cornerstone in this process, supporting Federal broadband programs such as the Broadband Equity Access and Deployment Program. By establishing Fabric License Tiers (A, B, C, D, and E), it plays a crucial role in facilitating the implementation and compliance of these programs.


Table Outlining the Different Tier Types
Tier Eligible Licensees Description
Tier A NTIA NTIA, its agents, and any NTIA-established entities
Tier B Federal Broadband Granting Agencies(FBGA) Includes any federal agency that administers a federal financial assistance program that supports or promotes broadband deployment, use, or adoption
Tier C Pass Through Entities Includes Broadband Grant Program recipients that are a State, local government, Tribal Entity, Institution of Higher Education, or nonprofit organization that will issue subawards
Tier D Recipients, sub-recipients, and prospective recipients of federal broadband funds from Federal Broadband Granting Agencies Entities that participate in Federal Broadband Programs and will file challenges during state led challenges processes or relevant reporting
Tier E Units of local government, non-profits, and FCC Tier 4 organizations Entities that seek to participate in FBGA challenge processes (e.g., the BEAD program challenge processes)


To support federal broadband funding program requirements, organizations listed above may be eligible to receive an NTIA Fabric license. There is no cost associated with these licenses and they are distinct from the CostQuest licenses issued in support of the FCC’s Broadband Data Collection program. The NTIA Tier D & E licenses support a broader range of purposes, including administration of the BEAD program, participation in the BEAD eligible entity challenge processes, and reporting requirements associated with the Broadband Funding Map and the BEAD program. These uses are not covered under the FCC Tier 2 or Tier 4 licenses.

Are you looking for the FCC’s license information?

The FCC issues licenses in support of the Broadband Data Collection program. Click below to learn more about that licensing.


Specifically, the Tier D licenses are intended for qualified or presumptively qualified, prospective direct recipients or indirect subrecipients, awarded direct recipients or indirect subrecipients. Tier E licenses are intended for challengers to participate in federal broadband grant programs through either a challenge process, by applying for an award of available funds, or by reporting on an awarded grant/loan (including reporting related to the Broadband Funding Map authorized by IIJA § 60105).


Ready to Request a License?

The Tier D license is available upon request. Although the Tier E license is available, CostQuest will coordinate the approval of Tier E licenses with individual State Broadband Offices and NTIA. The intent of this coordination is to ensure that the delivery of the Licensed Materials align with the timing of and the Fabric version used in the state challenge process.

For more information on which license you may need please visit CQA - NTIA Licensing FAQ website. If you have any questions, CostQuest can be reached directly by emailing CostQuest IFA Support.


Information regarding how to complete the license application process: