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Why Internet matters

The Internet is the backbone of today's world.

It powers education and economy. It supports our health and well-being. And it connects us to our neighbors and to those we love. Americans without Internet miss out on many of these benefits. Roughly 1 in 5 American households aren't connected to the Internet. That's a fifth of our country that's unable to fully participate in modern life.

Access to the Internet isn't a luxury. It's a necessity. That's why the Biden-Harris administration is providing $65 billion to expand Internet access. We want to make sure that everyone in America has access to reliable and affordable high-speed Internet. High-speed Internet doesn't just help individuals. It helps our country. It saves us time and money. It creates jobs and opportunities here in the United States. And it helps us connect to one another, building a stronger, more free society.

These are some of the ways that high-speed Internet has transformed our world:

Maximizing savings for


High-speed Internet service is important for students to access quality education and training to be globally competitive. They use the Internet for homework assignments, for research, and to apply to college and trade schools. Students without Internet access at home can fall behind.

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Stimulating growth in the


By connecting the workplace, we can better connect businesses to consumers. And new markets can increase sales and create jobs. High-speed Internet helps American businesses compete for talent and business in the global marketplace. And it helps workers connect to good paying jobs, wherever they might live.

Lowering costs for


Telehealth increases access to care at anytime from anywhere. It reduces hospital visits and stay time, while reducing costs and improving patient care.

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Strengthening ties in our


High-speed Internet connects us to services we need. It helps first responders save lives. It lets us connect with our elected officials. And it strengthens our ties to our friends and loved ones anywhere.

Investing in our


High-speed Internet improves access to education, job opportunities, and high-quality workers. It helps connect applicants with resources and training for skills development that better qualify them for good paying jobs, wherever they might live. 

Investing in our Workforce

Need More Affordable High-Speed Internet?

The Biden-Harris Administration is lowering the price of high-speed Internet for millions of families in partnership with service providers. Visit to learn how the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law can lower your Internet costs.