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  • FEBRUARY 29, 2024 | BLOG

    For the First Time, All States will have a Plan to Address Digital Equity
  • FEBRUARY 26, 2024 | BLOG

    Celebrating Black History Month: A Q+A With Dr. Jon Gant
  • DECEMBER 28, 2023 | BLOG

    How Public Input Helped Shape NTIA’s Approach to the Uniform Guidance in the BEAD Program


Internet For All is already changing lives. Learn more about how increasing access to high-speed Internet service is improving the lives of every day Americans across the country.

Workforce Development

  • SEPTEMBER 25, 2023 | BLOG

    Connecting neighbors to high-speed Internet service in rural Texas
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  • AUGUST 16, 2023 | CASE STUDY

    Charter’s Broadband Field Technician Apprenticeship Program
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  • JULY 19, 2023 | CASE STUDY

    Verizon and the Communications Workers of America (CWA) Training Program
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  • Building Digital Programming to Support Second Chances

    This April, the Biden-Harris Administration recognizes Second Chance Month as an opportunity to ensure that people returning to their communities from jail or prison have a fair shot at the American Dream.
  • Permitting Progress to Support Internet for All

    Jill Springer, Senior Advisor, Office of Internet Connectivity and Growth, NTIA
    Streamlining and accelerating the permitting process is critical to implementing the Internet for All initiative.   Since the passage of President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that provided a historic $65 billion investment to expand affordable and reliable high-speed Internet access to everyone in America, we heard from stakeholders that permitting is a significant concern in implementing the program.  Recently NTIA has taken action to streamline and accelerate the federal permitting process in a number of ways.  
  • NTIA’s Commitment to State and Territory Local Coordination

    Katherine Bates and Julia Pulidindi, Office of Internet Connectivity and Growth
    The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) understands that closing the digital divide requires ongoing, meaningful engagement with the communities the Internet for All (IFA) programs are serving. NTIA views strong involvement from state, local, territorial, and Tribal communities as key to ensuring that the broadband needs of all unserved and underserved locations and underrepresented communities are met.
  • Expanding Internet Access and Protecting Historic Properties

    Jill Springer, Senior Advisor, Office of Internet Connectivity and Growth, NTIA
    By: Jill Springer, Senior Advisor, Office of Internet Connectivity and Growth, NTIA  Our journey towards providing Internet for All will only succeed if we are able to quickly build high-speed Internet networks and get people the connections they need for doctor’s visits, distance learning, and applying for jobs.   One important way to meet this moment is to streamline permitting reviews. Internet for All projects are estimated to require hundreds—if not thousands—of historical preservation reviews alone nationwide. 
  • The Impact of Women Breaking Digital Access Barriers

    Maci Morin and Michell Morton, Office of Internet Connectivity and Growth
    */ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ In today's digital world, access to technology and the Internet enables boundless opportunities.  Now more than ever, women and girls are seizing these opportunities to smash barriers and soar to new heights.